A New Best Friend?

You all know about my latest obsession with nutella, well I recently fell in love with another one of the lovely Katie‘s recipes

One-Minute Chocolate Cake I was craving chocolate like crazy last night and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to suppress it for much longer. So I searched the internet for something fast and easy and this baby popped up. I tweaked the recipe to my liking, enter a load of cinnamon added in before microwaving.

The only thing that made the cake better was a scoop of some freshly made nutella that I made earlier that day. Seriously, nutella makes everything better.

Katie‘s recipes are suddenly becoming my go-to for quick craving fixes.

Have a wonderful Thursday guys! Only two more days till the weekend ❤

What’s your favorite nut butter?

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4 Responses to A New Best Friend?

  1. Aja says:

    This recipe is popping up everywhere and if I hadn’t already had ice cream I’d have that cake because it sounds amazing right now. Nutella on top? Oh my gosh, I would die.
    I’m a die hard peanut butter fan but nuspli is a very close second.

  2. My favorite nut butter?! Oh my gosh, how could I decide!!!!!!!!! I think I’ll go with my homemade sun butter: that’s my current favorite. 🙂

    Katie’s recipes are ta bomb!

  3. fav nut butter? deff crunchy pb! it changed like a week ago haha i used to be obsessed with cinnamon raisin swirl pb 🙂 nutella sounds awesome tho!

  4. Mmm that looks so appealing right now! I LOVE nutella, it’s addictive. I hadn’t bought any in weeks but I randomly decided to buy a small pot of it this weekend, I like mixing it in to my greek yogurt as a quick and filling snack 🙂

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